contract research

Since 2019, the research group of Bioinformatics Institute has been offering bioinformatics data processing services on a commercial basis.

The main research topics are human genetics and the application of bioinformatics
methods for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis.
Search and interpretation of genetic variants in biosamples
Input data: next-generation sequencing results— whole exome, clinical exom, targeted gene panel with a description of the pathological condition and/or candidate genes.

report on genetic variants and their possible role in the development of the disease, the results of data processing (VCF, BAM files).

Limitations: we are not a clinical laboratory and can't process data for the purposes of diagnosis, clinical judgment or treatment.
Genome-wide association studies, GWAS
Input data: next-generation sequencing results — whole exome, clinical exom, targeted gene panel or results of microarray-based genotyping, phenotypic information about the studied biosamples.

Result: study report, results of association analysis — a list of variants and their statistical parameters, a set of significant associations and their comparison with literature data, functional annotation (if available).

Differential gene expression analysis
Input data: next-generation sequencing results (RNA-Seq) or result of microarray-based genotyping of biosamples under different conditions, description of the experiment and study hypothesis (if available).

Result: study report, list of differentially expressed genes with increased or decreased expression in the experiment, functional annotation.
The research group of Bioinformatics Institute
published regularly in international journals.

Collaborations between the research group and specialists from other areas of bioinformatics allows analysis of many types of data. Possibilities and deadlines for solving problems are discussed on an individual request.

To discuss the details of the analysis and terms of cooperation, please contact with the subject "Contract research".

The cost and terms of custom research depend on the volume and complexity of the task and are calculated individually for each customer.

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