Call for problems
Bioinformatics Contest is an online competition in bioinformatics.

We invite you to participate in the problems creation process! If you have an idea of a problem, please fill in this form. The problems need to be designed in a way to require both computational and biological knowledge and skills.

Please describe your idea in several sentences (not just the topic or knowledge area). If you have an idea how to solve it – please elaborate it in the form.

The authors of the problems that are selected for the Contest will get a complimentary Bioinformatics T-shirt or another gifts from organizers!

Previous contests: 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017

The Contest is organized by Bioinformatics Institute in cooperation with ITMO University, and The problem sets will be developed by the team from ITMO University – well-known in competitive programming community with a help of experts from other institutions.
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