Bioinformatics Contest is a programming competition among individuals.

Solve bioinformatics problems online and compete with thousands of people worldwide!

1 week
February 2–10, 2019
24 hours
February 23,
Computer Science
Molecular Biology
Machine Learning


Online on Stepik

You will need to solve bioinformatics problems using programming and data analysis. The goal is to solve as many problems as possible within 24 hours. Both rounds will be held online. Submissions will be auto-graded in real time. Some problems will be the approximate ones and will be graded partially.

Please see FAQ for more details.
Winners 2019
1st place (GOLD)
Gennady Korotkevich – 6310.13 points

2nd place (SILVER)
Nikolay Budin – 5211.06 points

3rd place (BRONZE)
Zakhar Iakovlev – 4921.51points

4th place
Michael Kirsche – 4744.26 points

5th place
Yuchen Zhou – 4576.74 points

6th-21st places
Sergey Zolotarev
Semenov Yury
Dinara Usmanova
Virgile Andreani
Kira Kondratyeva
Rayan Chikhi
Gretchen M Wright
Kirill Tsukanov
Tatsuhiko Naito
Natalyya Ginzburg
Frederik Andersen
Michal Punčochář
Vladimir Kovačević
Pavel Chuprikov
Mihail Krivonosov
Dohoon Lee

Final Standings 2019
Contest Team

Bioinformatics Contest problem sets are developed by the team including experts from ITMO University — the only 7-time winner of the world top programming competition and well-known for the top-ranked competitive programmers.

Nikita Alexeev
ITMO University
Artem Vasiliev
ITMO University
Ilya Zban
ITMO University
Vitalii Demyanyuk
ITMO University
Maria Atamanova
ITMO University
Grigory Shovkoplyas
ITMO University
Sergey Aganezov
Johns Hopkins University
Dmitry Yakutov
ITMO University
Vitalii Aksenov
ITMO University
Developers Coordinator
Alexey Sergushichev
ITMO University
Developers Coordinator
Ekaterina Vyahhi
Bioinformatics Institute
Coordinators Lead
Olga Bondareva
Bioinformatics Institute
Nikolay Vyahhi
Stepik & Rosalind
Partners & Sponsors
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel free to reach us at contest@bioinf.me_
1st prize:
Whole Exome Sequencing or Genetic Engineering Home Lab Kit or Oxford Nanopore MinION*

2nd and 3rd prizes:

23andMe DNA Service and DIY Bacteria Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit

4th and 5th prizes:
23andMe DNA Service or DIY Bacteria CRISPR & Fluorescent Yeast Kit

6th-20th prizes:
Honorable Prize: Bioinformatics T-Shirt

Previous Contests
Bioinformatics Institute is a non-governmental non-profit research and educational institution. Our mission is to educate the new generation of highly skilled professionals and popularize bioinformatics in Russia. The Institute's programs, events, and online courses are open to students and professionals with mathematics, computer science or biology background. Our main research area is NGS bioinformatics and its application towards systems biology and medicine.
ITMO University is the leading Russian university in the field of Computer Science. It is the alma mater of winners of numerous international programming competitions such as ACM ICPC, Google Code Jam, and Facebook Hacker Cup. Several bioinformatics research groups gradually formed around these CS-champions, and ITMO University aims to further develop the area with initatives like Bioinformatics Contest and Master program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.
Stepik is a cloud-based platform that is designed to create and distribute interactive educational content as well as provide various types of automatically graded assignments with real-time feedback. The platform is suitable for a multitude of e-learning activities, from private on-campus classes to massive open online courses (MOOCs).
Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving. It offers an array of intellectually stimulating problems that grow in biological and computational complexity; each problem is checked automatically so that the only resource required to learn bioinformatics is an internet connection.
Stay tuned!

*Unfortunately, there are location restrictions for claiming the MinION prize due to the Oxford Nanopore security policies. Restrictions include citizens of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States and a number of other countries. The mandatory verification and approval for obtaining the MinION will be conducted by Oxford Nanopore. The winner will be contacted by the organizers to discuss all the possible options. If delivering the MinION prize is impossible, the organizers leave the right to exchange it for the second option (whole exome sequencing) or other equivalent suggested by organizers.